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The Italian Language Teaching Method

After years of experience, we have come to the conclusion that there is no perfect method to teach a foreign language, but a mix of different techniques, each contributing to the ultimate result of learning.
The mono-directional interaction of student and teacher, where the teacher explains the content and the student listens to the lesson, may sometime lead to poor results.

Your knowledge and confidence in a language continuously improve in a context involving various aspects: you, your personal objectives, your teachers, the other students and, most of all, the surrounding environment. Our method is based on the interaction of the students in the classroom, after the grammar session, teachers will involve students in a general discussion by promoting their interaction. Furthermore, students will have the unique opportunity to experience what they will learn during the lessons in the trips and tours we organize in the afternoon.

Our aim is to enable you to achieve your personal/professional objectives, depending on your entry level of Italian (which will be assessed with an entry test) and the time you dedicate to the course. Therefore, we offer you a well structured programme, previously agreed with you on the basis of your expectations and knowledge. The programme will allow you to make the best of this experience even in the short run. You will enjoy an intense interaction with our school and our territory and a full immersion experience in a friendly and highly professional environment.



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