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We offer three packages flexible and adaptable to your exigencies:

  1. Standard Italian course: For students who are planning to visit our region and/or Italy for the first time. Classes are held in the morning, to give you free afternoon time for excursions, trips and other visits. You can organize your free time by yourself, or ask for the help of the tour operator cooperating with LinguaMia.

  2. Alternatively you can choose the Full Italian package, an Italian intensive course for students interested in getting the best results as quick as possible. Are you preparing an Italian exam and you only have little time left? Are you an Erasmus student and you absolutely want to learn the Italian language before joining the university? These classes will be held both both in the morning and in the afternoon. Most of them will be based on grammar but are also aimed at developing your own onversational skills.

  3. Individual Italian Lessons: If you look for a teacher fully dedicated to you, we are available to offer one-to-one exclusive classes to our students at affordable prices for the best possible learning experience.

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