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Our territory

LinguaMia - International Institute of Italian - is located in central Italy, in the beautiful Marche region. We are confident that our region will touch your heart. Poets and extraordinary artists were born in Marche, all of these inspired by the extraordinary beauty of the places surrounding them: from worldwide famous renaissance artist Raffaello Sanzio to the poet Giacomo Leopardi, two artists who lived in different periods but in the same enchanting region.

The Marche region offers three main types of scenery: the sea, with the sand of the Adriatic coast and the rocks of Riviera del Conero, the mild green hills that we can admire in many famous movies and the Appennini mountain chain where you can sky during your winter holidays. Our school of Italian is close to the transport facilities that will allow you to reach your places of interest.

The Institute is only a few hours drive from Florence, Rome and Perugia. Therefore,it can be the ideal base for travelling all over Italy and visit the places you most like.

But before travelling outside Marche, please find below some useful external links to places of interest in our region.

Medioeval Towns & Castles
Museums & Theatres
Natural Parks
Food & Wine


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