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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Where is your school exactly located?
A: LinguaMia is located in the nearby of Ancona, the main province of Marche, central Italy. We are about 300 km from Rome and Florence and 400km from Milan, on the adriatic side of the country. Please check this page to have a precise google map indication.
Q: How many students do you have per class?
A: LinguaMia Institute aims at providing an excellent learning environment. To this respect, we believe that the maximum number of students per class should be in the range of 10-15. This should ensure the right interaction among students and teachers and teachers can follow each student adequately.
Q: Do you offer individual lessons?
A: YES. Although we advice our students to follow group classes,in order to create an ideal context not to improve Italian, we do offer individual lessons. Please check our "free as you are" package here.
Q: I donít know one word of Italian. Can I enrol?
A: Yes, of course! It will be for sure a motivating experience. Our institute will also assist you on how to continue after the course to increase you level.
Q: Who are LinguaMia's teachers?
A: Our teachers are accurately selected. Our first prerequisite is the status of Italian mother tongue. The second pre-requisite is a graduate degree but not necessarily in Italian literature. We strongly believe that teachers with different cultural background can contribute to create a stimulating environment. The third requisite is related to the ability of each teacher to communicate and interact with foreign students. For this purpose our teachers are selected mainly on the basis of at least one international experience in their cv. Please visit our teachers here.
Q: Is the studying material provided by the Institute and included in the tuition fee?
A: Yes. At your arrival you will be provided with a brochure containing all study sessions that you will attend during your staying.
Q: In the classroom I will be assigned to, will I find people at my same level?
A: YES. We test the level of Italian of our students before assigning them to classes
Q: How is my level of improvement evaluated?
A: Every day, at the end of the lesson, you have the chance to complete a brief assignment to verify what you learned during the lesson. Group work will also keep classroom atmosphere intense, pleasant and challenging.
Q: Iím 17 years old, can I enroll and attend the courses?
A: Yes. We require however an adult accompanying you or if you are part of a group it is sufficient that a teacher of your school is delegated of all responsibility by the respective parents.
Q: What can I do during the spare time?
A: If you are part of a group class, We will organize a number of trips and tours during the afternoon! The excursions have a high learning value and for this reason some of them will be pre-discussed during lessonsí hours in order to prepare you in advance with useful elements and fully appreciate our territory. Many tours at your choice are included in the offer packages. You just have to choose which you prefer! have the three list of tours here.
Q: Do you organize my trip up to Italy?
A: No, this is the only service we cannot provide. The flight is at studentís charge. On the other hand, the institute grants a free pick up service from the airports of Bologna, Forlž and Ancona/Falconara (a small extra could be required for longer distance airports) for groups of students above 7 people. We strongly recommend choosing as arrival airport Ancona Falconara as it is only 20 km far from the school.
Q: How much are the tuition fees? What about availability the for the next month?
A: Availability I assured all the year. Give a look to Our prices section just to have an idea of the tuition fees, and don't forget we can customize for you a package on the base of your preferences. Just ask for a quotation here
Q: I've read about your packages and I am interested. But I do not need a service you included, how can I do?
A: Our packages are proposed as example of the services we offer. We are able to arrange for you lessons, accomodation, dining, transport, entertainment, trips and tours. In case you prefer to organize by yourself one or more of these services (i.e. accomodation or transport), please contact us or cutomize your package here.
Q: Can you send me an expense forecast?
A: Yes. Send us an email with your requests and you will receive within short a detailed budget with an all-inclusive formula. If you are a student, in the section prices you will find three standard package offers with an indication of tuition fees on a weekly basis. If you are a teacher or a group of students we can build up a tailor made solution based on your exigencies.
Q: Do you have pictures?
A: You can see some snapshots of our beautiful landscapes that we will visit during your staying in our photogallery. This is only the begin. The best is yet to come.


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